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A deposit bonus is a very common bonus that is offered by online casinos in order to bring in new players. It is usually offered as a welcome bonus. To receive this type of bonus, the player is required to create an account with the specific casino and then to make a first deposit, after which they will receive their reward.

What Is A Deposit Bonus?

The most common deposit bonus is a match deposit bonus where the casino will match any first deposit amount up to a specified value.This allows the player to gain a slightly larger bankroll than they otherwise would have had. Other deposit bonuses involve awarding free spins to the player, which can then be used on a specified slot game. This type of bonus allows players the chance to try out a game that they might not otherwise attempt with their own money. Deposit bonuses do provide a risk free way of accessing the casino, which is particularly useful for new players who do not know the detailed workings of the casino.


Advantage of a Deposit Bonus

There are a couple of major advantages for players using the deposit bonus. The match deposit bonus essentially doubles the player’s money. This means that when playing any new or old game within the casino, players have extra money with which to play. With a smaller bankroll, players may not take so many risks or try out so many game options, but with an enlarged bankroll this risk will disappear. The deposit free spins bonus simply allows the player to try out a new slot with absolutely no risk.


Disadvantage of a Deposit Bonus

Some players prefer not to take the deposit bonus, as they tend to come with wagering requirements. These requirements are essentially the terms and conditions that come attached to the bonus. These conditions can make it rather hard to make any winnings or withdraw them from the player’s account, especially if the required wagering amount is very high. Time restrictions can also be associated with bonuses, which mean that players have to complete the requirements within a specific time frame before they can withdraw any of their winnings, failure to accomplish this will result in the bonus being removed from the account after the due date. Other deposit bonus disadvantages include restrictions on the payouts. These restrictions are generally in place in order to prevent fraudulent players from exploiting the casino, and simply mean that the player cannot withdraw huge amounts of money at any one time. In some cases this means that there are also registration requirements, with limits in place on who can actually receive the bonus. Again, these are in place to ensure that the player is not going to abuse the casino’s rules and regulations.


How Do I Get A Deposit Bonus?

To get a deposit bonus, players must create an account with the casino. This is a straightforward process and involves first proving that they are over the age of eighteen and then inputting some personal information that will include a valid email address, home address, full name and password. Once the account has been activated, the player must then make a deposit. Most casinos will offer a number of different options in this area, such as linking an e-wallet or bank account. Players can choose whichever method they prefer. At this point, most casinos will have a prompt asking if the player wishes to make use of the match deposit bonus, and in order to receive it the player simply has to click ‘accept’ and the bonus money will be added to their account.


How Does A Deposit Bonus Work?

A deposit bonus works in a simple way. The player registers an account and once it is activated they place real money into their account. There is always a minimum deposit requirement of around 10.00. Usually deposit bonuses also have a maximum amount as well, so players need to check these parameters before making their first deposit. Once the money has been deposited, the casino will then equal that amount, and this money will be placed directly into the player’s account as if it were part of their initial deposit. At this point the player can then begin to play games using both their own money and the bonus money that the casino has awarded.


What Are Wagering Requirements And How Do They Work?

Wagering requirements are the minimum number of times that bonus money or winnings have to be played through before a player can withdraw that money from their account. These requirements will vary between casinos, with a 25x or 30x being the norm. In some instances these requirements can be as low as 2x or as high as 50x. For example, if a player has bonus money of 10.00 and the wagering requirement is 20x, then they would have to wager the amount of 200.00 before the requirements have been fulfilled and the bonus win can be withdrawn from the account. In addition to this, the requirements commonly have a time limit attached. Usually this is 30 days from the time the bonus has been activated. Failure to accomplish the requirements within the time frame will result in the bonus being removed from the player’s account.


Wagering Deposit Bonus

Playing with the deposit bonus is a straightforward process. For the most part, these bonuses will be added directly into the player’s account and will be used the moment the player starts the game. There are often prompts, for example, when it comes to the free spins that allow the player to choose whether to use the free spins or use their own money instead. For the match deposit bonus, this can be wagered in the exact same way that players wager their own money. Players simply place the wager they wish to make and the bonus money will automatically be used within the play.

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